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Chocolate Chip Cookies!

German Shokolade premium. The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day, something exotic, something Exclucivo gifts this year.

WARNING! This is What Your Favorite
Cookie Bakery Does NOT Want You to Know!


Easily make bakery quality chocolate chip cookies from your own home with 
simple ingredients and using professional baking tips. Your friends and family will be AMAZED!

Dear Friend and Fellow Home Baker,

Have you ever wondered why your cookies at home don't look or taste like the cookies they sell at bakeries and lunch counters? Would you like tosell your own cookiesbut can't figure out how to make them more presentable? - Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!

If you would like to learn the secrets behind professional cookie baking, bake sell-able chocolate chip cookies, and discover universal baking secrets so your recipes turn out perfectly every time, then you just hit pay dirt because I canshow you howwithHow to Bake Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies: Insider Secrets.

"Get All of This, and You Can Bake Like the Pros!"


 48 full color photos showing step by step how to make chocolate chip cookies.

There is nothing like seeing how to do it rather than interpret written directions.

 Educates you on exactly what ingredients to use.

Proper ingredients are KEY to great baked goods. Once you understand HOW they work you can develop your own spectacular recipe.

 Illustrates how to properly measure ingredients.

You are probably doing it wrong and don't even know it. Baking requires EXACTNESS.

 Insight to my "patented process" of gathering and prepping ingredients.

No more spending half your day making cookies. Enjoy faster preparation and clean up time.

 Shows you the EXACT way to mix your dough.

There is not enough room on the back of chocolate chip bags to demonstrate the crucial science behind the proper process to mixing dough.

 When to take cookies out of the oven.

Taking the cookies out of the oven at the exact right time is the most understated part of the process but crucial to the type of texture a chocolate chip cookie will have.

 Learn THE NUMBER ONE MOST IMPORTANT STEP to a perfect chocolate chip cookie.

This secret alone is left out of MOST online videos I see on chocolate chip cookie baking. If you were to do nothing else this tip alone would soar you to the top of the charts.

Chocolate Chip Cookies




Ganar Dinero con Flippa




What Do Your Chocolate Chip Cookies Look Like? When you take your cookies out of the oven do they look like.... OR When you really wanted them to look like... "You Get At Least Ten Times Your Money's Worth!" If you could get every dollar back that went right into bad batches of cookies in the way of ingredients, would you? How much do you think that would be? I know that through the course of my personal experience it would be hundreds of dollars. Stop scraping all that money off your cookie sheets and into the trash! I have taken ALL that I have learned over the years and I hold nothing back. I am not one of those people that give you some touchy feely advice "based" on what I know. This is it! I have taken the pictures, and I have explained the process in detail. I have put all my expertise into this one for you because I know how good it feels to succeed at something. This IS what I know. For the price of two dozen bakery chocolate chip cookies (which you will no longer have to buy) you can have How to Bake Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies: Insider Secrets. What Do You Get in this Downloadable eBook?

Chocolate Chip Cookies




You have less than a month starts to organize yourself to find out the best gift for Valentine's Day.

Big Surprise your love with a Gift Exotic, Elegant, Exclucibo, something that only you can have, I can help you get your gift for Valentine's Day.

I am writing to you. Songs, Poems, Articles, Books (Ebooks)

I paint for you a thousand paintings of different genres are waiting for you.

I have your Ideal Ro I have the ideas and resources for you to do a good gift this year.

Contact me you are just a few days faster.

E-mail: noteestrese@gooclemail.com

I hope for your curiosity and your orders!

In this Link you can see my artwork and my artistic biography.






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(Chocolate Chip Cookies)

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